Exemplary Practices

Designation of Collège Boréal

In May 2008, the provincial government granted Collège Boréal (French only) designation, making this French-language post-secondaryinstitution of learning the first representative of theeducation sector to be officially designated under the French Language Services Act. This college of applied artsand technology now delivers French-language trainingprograms as well as employment services on behalf of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. In designating Collège Boréal, the Government of Ontario has legallyrecognized the College’s efforts to provide the Francophonecommunity with adequate service in the future.

Founded in 1995, Collège Boréal delivers training programs as well as employment services to French-language communities in Northern and Central-Southwestern Ontario.

Ontario Licence Plates now Available with a French Motto

In May 2008, 26 years after Ontario adopted the English motto Yours to Discover, the Government of Ontario introduced a French motto, Tant à découvrir. Since its introduction, over 2,400 people have ordered French licence plates, mainly in eastern Ontario. This is both an excellent initiative on the part of the government and a symbolic gesture of recognition of Franco-Ontarians.

French-Language Services at Justice Ontario

In February 2009, the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General developed a new section on French-language services on the Justice Ontario website. This website contains information for Francophones on their rights in the area of French-language justice services across the province. It contains a directory of government offices offering justice services in French in Ontario and key French-language stakeholders in the justice sector. It is easy to access: just click on the Franco‑Ontarian flag.