Please Join me in Welcoming our Francophile Friends

CPF ON 3On Saturday, October 26th, I was thrilled to be among some of my favorite Franco-Ontarian allies at the Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) Symposium on French as a Second Language, and I am proud to announce that I signed a Memorandum of understanding with their organization’s President Mary Cruden (see the news release).

This represents my belief, and wish, to see Francophones and Francophiles, two groups with shared interests and similarities, moving forward and working more closely to strengthen our rich Ontarian heritage.

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick

The Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick, Michel Carrier, and I just sent out a joint news release to announce the signing of an agreement that will help our offices improve the protection and promotion of language rights.

I am delighted that the citizens of New Brunswick and Ontario can count on our combined strengths to guide our respective governments toward pragmatic solutions and lasting improvements.

It is worth noting that recently Michel Carrier and I each signed a cooperation agreement with the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada, Graham Fraser.

Excellent News on the Official Languages Front in Canada and New-Brunswick

At least three excellent news were announced yesterday on the official languages front in Canada and New-Brunswick. Firstly, the Prime Minister of Canada announced the nomination of Mr. Graham Fraser for reappointment as Commissioner of Official Languages for a three-year term effective in October. I welcome this great news and look forward to pursuing our efficient collaboration.

Secondly, Commissioner Fraser and his New Brunswick counterpart, Commissioner Michel Carrier, marked yesterday the 20th anniversary of the amendment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to include section 16.1. This section recognizes the equality of New Brunswick’s two official language communities and gives both communities the right to their own educational and cultural institutions.

Lastly, Michel Carrier and Graham Fraser also announced the signing of an agreement that will enable both offices to expand their cooperation in order to optimize their support to the citizens, communities and organizations that they serve. As per the memorandum of understanding I signed with Mr. Fraser in November 2012, this agreement will allow both offices to carry out joint studies and promotional activities.

I wish to congratulate Commissioners Fraser and Carrier for these great accomplishments!