Annual Report 2017-2018

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Complaint Statistics

In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the Commissioner’s Office received 315 complaints and requests for information. As in previous years, there were many individual complaints about all kinds of problems and concerns, such as the absence of counter services in French, English-only public consultations, and services in French that are not equivalent to those available in English.

In its 11th fiscal year, the Commissioner’s Office received 38 information requests on a wide variety of subjects. Most pertained to French-language services and to obligations concerning the provision of these services, and to interpretation of the French Language Services Act. Thus, many people wishing to determine whether or not there had been a breach of the Act, requested information about the provisions in the Act pertaining to obligations with respect to services provided by public and community organizations, and communications with private businesses.

Some callers wanted information about electoral boundaries and their impact on Francophone representation, or about the designation of bilingual positions. Such requests were handled within a reasonable amount of time and the people making them were either given the information or referred to the appropriate office.

New types of service

Since its creation 10 years ago, the Commissioner’s Office team has operated with only one or two investigators, while receiving several complaints every day. This of course caused delays in processing complaints. The Commissioner’s Office has therefore taken steps to catch up on existing delays and prevent any future delays in dealing with complaints.

In 2017, the Office developed new service standards for determining the time required to process complaints and information requests, based on their level of complexity. These new standards should also result in a higher level of satisfaction because they require ongoing contacts with clients. The recent hiring of additional staff to assist the investigators should also help the Commissioner’s Office avoid any delays in processing complaints and requests for information. The goal is to build a culture of excellence in service to the public.

In 2017-2018, the Commissioner’s Office also launched a portal that allows clients to track the processing of their complaints, to communicate rapidly with the Investigations Unit and to file other complaints. These changes will enable us to process all complaints and information requests submitted to us efficiently and promptly.

Category Total
Low impact 9
Request for information 38
Inadmissible 82
Admissible 186
Inadmissible Complaints Total
Other * 40
Federal 12
Private 12
Municipal 8
Out-of-designated-area 5
Frivolous/vexatious/in bad faith 3
Incomplete file 2
* Complaints not pertaining to the mandate of the Commissioner’s Office.
Geographic Distribution of Complaints %
Eastern Ontario 24%
Central Ontario 43%
Northeastern Ontario 9%
Northwestern Ontario 2%
Southwestern Ontario 2%
Other * 20%
* Complaints about online services, toll-free numbers and non-designated areas.
Admissible Complaints by Type of Service %
Websites and online services 21%
In-person services 36%
Documents 19%
Signage 3%
Social media 1%
Service by phone 12%
Others 8%
Admissible Complaints by Institution Total
Legislative Assembly * 4
Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development 11
Ministry of the Attorney General 31
Ministry of Children and Youth Services 5
Ministry of Community and Social Services 3
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services 3
Ministry of Education 6
Ministry of Energy 3
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change 2
Ministry of Finance 15
Ministry of Francophone Affairs 2
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services 15
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care 40
Ministry of Labour 4
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 6
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport 9
Ministry of Transportation 7
Municipalities ** 8
Other institutions *** 12
* Complaints related to entities that report directly to the Legislative Assembly

** Complaints deemed admissible when they are brought against a municipality that has a by-law that guarantees the provision of French-language services.

*** Complaints considered admissible brought against a municipality with a by-law on providing French language services and municipalities that offer services on behalf of a government agency.

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