Annual Report 2017-2018

Looking ahead, getting ready

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2. Global competencies

Rapid technological change coupled with an aging population has pushed educators to rethink how to prepare students for the jobs waiting for them. This preparation takes into account the need for general competencies like critical thinking and problem-solving, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, collaboration, communication, self-directed learning, and citizenship. These are the “global competencies” (as 21st-century competencies) that are favoured by Ontario, as well as by all of the ministers responsible for education in Canada.145

A recent work by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) refers to what it calls “transformative competencies” that “address the growing need for young people to be innovative, responsible and aware.” These transformative competencies are aptitudes to create new value, reconcile tensions and dilemmas, and take responsibility.146

There is reason to be reassured by the proactivity of the Ontario education system that already oversees the implementation of these competencies.

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