Annual Report 2017-2018

Looking ahead, getting ready

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3. Noteworthy initiatives

The encouraging initiatives identified by the Commissioner help maintain quality services in French or stand out because of results that go beyond mere compliance with the standards imposed by the French Language Services Act.

Seniors Community Grant Program community relations campaign in french, Ministry of Seniors Affairs

Partnership between agencies that fight violence against women to relay french service requests, the Ministries of Children and Youth Services and Community and Social Services and 37 organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

Training modules on cultural and language competencies, South West LHIN and Erie St-Clair LHIN

Working group on the implementation of best practices for services in French, Central East LHIN

Expansion of interprofessional primary care teams and raising francophone doctors’ awareness of french- language services for francophone clients, Central LHIN

Creation of a full-time position for relations manager for mental health services in French, Central LHIN

Study on the challenges for francophone residents in long-term care homes in northeast Ontario, North East LHIN

New projection models on the supply and demand for teachers for french-language school boards, Ministry of Education

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