Annual Report 2013-2014

Rooting for Francophones

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Ontario Government

The Commissioner’s Office works hard to maintain ongoing and active relations with its government partners who are responsible for the delivery of quality French-language services.In general, the Commissioner’s Office gets involved mainly when it receives complaints from the public or suspects a problem with regard to gaps in providing French services. Government representatives should see these interventions as opportunities to enhance the government’s services and programs.

Because it is responsible for offering direct and indirect services to the public, the government must take responsibility regarding any deficiencies n the delivery of French-language services that are brought to the Commissioner’s Office. After all, the complainants that turn to the Commissioner’s Office are in fact its complainants.

The government must be as proactive with its offer of French-language services as it is in prevention and service adjustments. Indeed, the government is essential to the implementation of the recommendations made by the Commissioner in his annual and investigative reports, which implies that it must provide substantive responses and take concrete actions regarding these recommendations. For
this reason, the Commissioner expects active collaboration from the Ontario government to pursue his mission.

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