Annual Report 2013-2014

Rooting for Francophones

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French Language Services Toolkit

The Erie St. Clair and South West LHINs put together a French Language Services Toolkit as a comprehensive resource to support health service providers in implementing and delivering quality services and meeting the needs of their French-speaking patients and clients.

The Toolkit provides an overview on a variety of subjects related to the delivery of services in French. Each section is designed to provide useful information and practical tools to make delivery of services in French as easy as possible. Providers will find basic information on the Francophone community, active offer of French-language services, human resources, training, translation and interpretation, supporting legislation and The Toolkit also contains fact sheets, lists of resources, flyers, badges, a lanyard and signs to promote the delivery of services in French. It can be easily adapted for use in other areas of the province or for non-health service providers.

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