Annual Report 2013-2014

Rooting for Francophones

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Collaborative Care Project Enabling Francophone Seniors to live at home longer and Senior Strategy community engagement

The Central West LHIN and its Entity, Reflet Salvéo, partnered to create a collaborative care project focused on Francophone seniors. The goal of the initiative was to enable the community to identify care needs and build a business case to address them. With the leadership and support of the LHIN and the Entity, community members met and participated in an engagement and planning process in order to draft a business case.

Community members from Francophone seniors groups, community centres, health service providers and community colleges were mobilized for the collaborative care project and engaged in the development of the LHIN’s Seniors Strategy. Through community engagement sessions and a survey, this project is building capacity within the community. In addition, the community was able to better understand their health needs and the process of service planning, and provided the LHIN with valuable information and guidance in drafting its SeniorsStrategy.

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