Annual Report 2013-2014

Rooting for Francophones

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Seatbelt campaign, Road Safety Challenge and and Road Safety Community Partnership Program

The Road Safety Marketing Office has made progress in reaching out to Francophone stakeholders. All grant funding applications are available in French, and a concerted effort to share them with Francophone stakeholders in all areas designated under the French Language Services Act has paid off, as it has allowed the Ministry of Transportation to create new partnerships with these stakeholders.

Several groups, including the “Club Optimiste de Vanier”, the “Club Optimiste de BFC”and Hawkesbury’s “Comitéd’action régionale de la sécuritéroutière”(CARS), have already taken advantage of funding for their respective road safety initiatives, Road Safety Challenge activities and upcoming seatbelt campaigns.

By partnering with Francophone stakeholders and communities, the Ministry supports their growth and inclusion through its service delivery approach.

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