Annual Report 2013-2014

Rooting for Francophones

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Recommendation 4

The Commissioner recommends that the Attorney General implement a pilot project improving access to justice in French based on the recommendations and intentions contained in the report Access to Justice in French. This pilot project should:

a. Be assigned to a senior and influential civil servant within the Ministry of the Attorney General

b. Be conducted according to a schedule that at a very minimum includes planning and implementation steps

c. Encompass a region as much as possible, reflecting the diversity of access to justice in French in Ontario, including areas designated under the French Language Services Act, non-designated areas, urban centres and rural areas

d. Be clearly focused on a final objective of broadening access across the province – as evidenced by the priority and resources assigned to the project, its timely implementation, and its active search for solutions to the issues raised by the report Access to Justice in French.

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