Annual Report 2013-2014

Rooting for Francophones

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Recommendation 3

The Commissioner recommends that the minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade establish a group of experts on Francophone immigration during the 2014–2015 fiscal year. This group of experts would:

a. Devise a holistic strategy for promoting, recruiting, welcoming, training, integrating and retaining Francophone immigrants

b. Develop a government-wide strategic plan, with a specific timetable, for achieving the 5% target for Francophone immigration, taking into account the province’s regional realities

c. Establish annual evaluation and accountability mechanisms that are transparent and accessible to the public

d. Include at least the following parties:
• Representatives from concerned ministries
• Francophone immigration stakeholders
• University and college administrators or professionals
• School board administrators or professionals
• Business and chamber-of-commerce leaders
• Municipal representatives

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