Chapter 1

An Organizational Story

1.3.3 Production of extensive investigation reports

Since taking office, the Commissioner has favoured the production of extensive investigation reports and special studies on important issues in the development of Ontario’s Francophone community: planning of French-language health services, deficiencies in French-language health services in the Peel-Halton region, French-language community radio stations, government communications in French, the lack of French-language schools in the Greater Toronto Area, inadequate access to French-language postsecondary education in Central-Southwestern Ontario, and elimination of the Fellowships for Studying in French program.

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These extensive investigation reports and special studies made an impact and a difference not only in improving the provision of French-language services, but also in raising awareness on important issues related to the development and future of Ontario’s Francophone community. The Commissioner intends to continue focusing on such projects in the years to come. More and more people are coming to seek the Commissioner’s support for their cause. However, as worthy as all these causes are, the Commissioner will have to remain acutely aware of the human and financial resources at his disposal and may be called upon to make difficult choices.

In order to assist the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner, strategic partnerships may be required.

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