Chapter 1

An Organizational Story

1.3 The new approach of the Commissioner’s Office

In keeping with its vision and values, the Commissioner’s Office has adopted the following strategic orientations to guide its activities:

  • Increase the team’s practical knowledge regarding requests for and delivery of government services for linguistic minorities;
  • Strengthen the team’s commitment to the vision and mission of the Commissioner’s Office; and
  • Promote the contribution of all parties (the Commissioner’s Office, ministries, agencies and complainants) to resolving complaints.

The Office’s new approach arising from these orientations has five components:

  1. A paradigm shift in the processing of complaints;
  2. More focused, systemic interventions;
  3. Production of extensive investigation reports on subjects of importance to the development of Ontario’s Francophone population;
  4. Development of strategic partnerships; and
  5. Greater support for citizens caught in situations where they could be seriously affected by deficiencies in French-language services.

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