Chapter 1

An Organizational Story

1.2.3 Improvements sought

When the Commissioner took office, he wanted to build an organization in which collaboration, not confrontation, was the order of the day. So for him, it has never been about whether his arguments or the government’s were better in a particular case, but about determining together what needed to be done to provide concrete support for the development of Ontario’s Francophone citizens. To truly optimize that collaboration, the investigations conducted by the Commissioner’s Office must now be based on a new approach.

The idea now is not to turn each complaint into a systemic problem that has to be solved individually, but rather to use complaints to identify and change attitudes more broadly within the public service, attitudes that are potentially systemic in nature. After all, a complaint about a deficiency in French-language services may simply be a case of bad luck. On the other hand, an analysis of various situations in which deficiencies in French-language services have been identified may point to a systemic problem.

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