Privacy Policy

General notice

Thank you for visiting our site and reading our privacy policy. The Office of the French Language Services Commissioner (FLSC) is committed to providing a website that respects visitors’ privacy.

The FLSC created the site for those seeking information on the French Language Services Act. The policy is intended to inform you of the FLSC’s practices regarding the personal information that you provide to us when you use the site.

Personal information

We automatically collect the personal information that you choose to provide to us when you communicate with us by email or fill out the complaint form. This information may include your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.

If you do not wish to provide any personal information online or send such information over the Internet, you may communicate with us by telephone, fax, mail or in person. To obtain our contact information, visit our “Contact Us” page.

Information sent automatically

When you access the portal, your computer and our servers automatically collect information. This exchange is necessary for the server to send you a file compatible with the computer equipment you are using. The following information, which does not identify you, is exchanged in this process:

  • The IP addresses of the computers used to access our sites;
  • The operating systems and the types and versions of the browsers used to access our sites;
  • The Internet service providers used by visitors to our sites;
  • The dates and times of access to our sites;
  • The pages visited;
  • The key words that users entered into our search engine;
  • The names and sizes of files requested.

The data are analyzed to determine trends, performance, number of visits, pages visited most often, technology used and means to improve our sites. We keep these data for statistical purposes only.


The FLSC site uses cookies to facilitate navigation of its pages. A cookie is a file containing data that a website writes onto the hard disk when an Internet user browses online. This piece of information can be recovered by this server during subsequent visits.

There are two types of cookies: session cookies (temporary) and persistent cookies (long-term use). Temporary cookies store information only while you are visiting the website and expire when you close your browser. When you leave the site in question, the originator of the cookie no longer has the information contained on it.

Persistent cookies write data onto the hard disk of your computer where they remain until the cookie expires. The FLSC site uses a persistent cookie to facilitate use of dynamic content and increase browsing speed.

You do not have to accept cookies to access the FLSC site. At any time, you can set the parameters of your browser to block, detect, accept or reject the cookie files of all sites.

Information sent automatically between computers cannot be used to personally identify you or to access your hard disk.

Web analytics

The FLSC site uses the Google Analytics data collection tool for statistical purposes, to analyse the activity of our website’s users. We use our website’s activity patterns to optimize visitor experience. This analytics tool uses “temporary” and “permanent” cookies to collect standard data from internal log files and to anonymously monitor data on visitor habits.

Permanent cookies are stored on your computer and expire two years after your last visit to our website. The information produced by the cookies on your use of the website is sent to Google. No personal information that can be used to identify you is recorded or provided to Google.

Global data and statistical reports are used solely to help the Office of the Commissioner make its site more useful to visitors and are made available exclusively to webmasters and other designated employees who need this information to perform their duties.

You may choose not to participate in the Google Analytics analysis by disabling or rejecting cookies. You will still have access to the same information because disabling cookies will have no significant impact on your browsing experience.

External sites

The FLSC website suggests links that take you to other websites. We cannot guarantee the content of these sites, how they use personal information or their privacy practices.

Information exchanged is no longer subject to our privacy policy but to that of the site you are visiting, which you may read before continuing your visit to the external site.

For more information

If you have questions about this policy, please contact us using one of the methods provided in the “Contact Us” section.