The aménagement linguistique policy

In October 2004, the Ontario Ministry of Education launched a language planning policy for Ontario’s French-language schools and the Francophone community called the Politique d’aménagement linguistique, or aménagement linguistique policy. The first of its kind in Canada, this policy is designed to help Ontario’s Francophone students preserve their culture, strengthen their pride, and improve their academic achievement through a French-language education system of the highest quality that meets the specific needs of this community.

The culmination of a collective effort, the aménagement linguistique policy promoting the fulfillment of the mandate of the province’s French-language schools was designed by Ontario’s 12 French-language school boards, in cooperation with the parents of students and community organizations. The role of each school board consists in planning targeted activities based on an analysis of the situation and on needs adapted to Francophone students who are learning in a minority setting.

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