Report on Francophone immigration: a demand for a concrete action plan

The report of the Group of Experts on Francophone Immigration was released yesterday. I issued a press release today providing facts, as well as our reactions to the report.

The report from the Group of Experts is a step in the right direction, and I ask that the government accepts the recommendations and have in place an action plan to make it more concrete. The government will have to work with its federal colleagues, since immigration is a shared jurisdiction. It’s important to have a concerted plan to maximize efforts to promote, recruit, establish and integrate Francophone newcomers.

I would very much like the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to establish a permanent advisory committee on francophone immigration to guide the government throughout that process. It was one of my recommendations in my 2011-2012 Annual Report and I think it is even more relevant than ever.

This committee could guide the department in establishing the priorities and a precise timeline to implement the recommendations brought forward by the Group of Experts. This committee could also follow the various inter-departmental work that will be needed to counter the current silo culture. Immigration touches many other departments and fields, and it’s very important to have a holistic approach.

With the cooperation of the federal government, it’s possible to reach the 5% objective of Francophone newcomers. Community organizations have to work with the government to ensure that francophones feel at home here and that they have the right programs and services to facilitate their integration within the great francophone community in our province.

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