Protocol for Dealing with Complaints with Laurentian University

I am pleased to announce the signing of a protocol for dealing with complaints under the French Language Services Act (FLSA) between my office and Laurentian University. As you know, since 1 July 2014, Laurentian University is designated under the FLSA. Thus, this establishment has the obligation to ensure accessibility and provide certain designated French-language programs and services that meet the standards of the Public Service of Ontario. The partial designation of Laurentian University focuses on French-language services at the Sudbury campus and the provision of programs in French leading to 13 degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

With this protocol, the University is committed in particular to make its designation known to the public as well as the services they are entitled to and also to publicize its obligations relating to its designation, as well as the process for dealing with complaints.

Even if the Commissioner’s Office may receive complaints, it is important to note that the protocol provides that all complaints must first be addressed to the Office of the Associate Vice-President of Research and Francophone Affairs at the University in order to report a deficiency in French-language services. However, complainants may report a deficiency at any time or in case of dissatisfaction with the response received from the University. You may read the Protocol here under the tab Partial Designation.

This Protocol has been in effect since Laurentian University’s designation. The highlights had been agreed to between the University and my office in 2012. This reflects a proactive and collaborative approach which in my opinion is a model for the rest of the province.

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