Law Society and the French Language Services Commissioner sign French Language Services protocol

Press Release

Protocol FLSC-LSUC

SUDBURY, October 4, 2014 – The Law Society of Upper Canada and the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner are pleased to announce the establishment of a protocol to address complaints received about the Law Society’s French language services.

This is an important access to justice initiative, as it will allow the Law Society to address complaints about our French language services in a timely, open and efficient manner. The protocol will encourage enhanced opportunities to collaborate with the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner.

The Law Society has acknowledged that persons have the right to communicate in French with the organization, and to receive in French available services from the Law Society. “This is an important confirmation of the rights of Ontarians, as well as a confirmation of the Law Society’s continuing commitment to access to justice in French,” said Treasurer Janet Minor.

“I am very pleased to have achieved this important protocol with the Law Society,” said French Language Services Commissioner François Boileau. “It gives me confidence that anyone wishing to communicate with the Law Society or to benefit from their services, will be able to do so in French.”

The protocol lists the terms and conditions under which the Commissioner may refer a complaint to the Law Society for investigation, and details the process by which the complaint will be investigated, which will promote equitable access to services in French to the Francophone community.

The Law Society will investigate every complaint received from the Commissioner in a timely, efficient and fair manner. A report will be made by the Law Society to the Commissioner with the outcome of the investigation of each complaint, including any action taken by the Law Society to resolve or address the complaint.


For further information, please contact:

Kim Bergeron, FLSC

Communications and Public Relations Officer

Office of the French Language Services Commissioner


Roy Thomas, LSUC

Director of Communications

The Law Society of Upper Canada