A signed letter of agreement with Elections Ontario

I am happy to announce the signing of a letter of agreement with Elections Ontario to ensure that Francophones, at least those within the 25 designated regions under the FLSA, will have problem-free access to voting in the next provincial election, on June 12, 2014.

We have taken this proactive approach in order to accelerate the complaints resolution process regarding the provision of French-language services during this election.

Elections Ontario has demonstrated to us that it has put in place all the necessary measures for a problem-free vote. All signage, tools and other documents for voters as well as all required training materials for election staff are ready, in both English and French.

However, these efforts by themselves cannot succeed without the active participation of Francophones and Francophiles alike. That is why I am appealing to them to apply for one of the 70,000 election staff positions, to request their services in French during this election, and to promptly report any problems either to Elections Ontario, at 1 888 668-8683 or at info@elections.on.ca, or to the Commissioner’s Office at 1 866-246-5262 or at flsc-csf@ontario.ca.

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