Joint News Release of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada and the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario: Commissioners Fraser and Boileau Join Forces to Better Protect Canadians’ Language Rights

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Toronto, November 26, 2012 — Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages, Graham Fraser, and Ontario’s French Language Services Commissioner, François Boileau, signed an agreement today that will allow their organizations to optimize their support to the citizens and communities they serve.

The memorandum of understanding signed by commissioners Fraser and Boileau is unprecedented in Canada. It will allow their two offices to share information about investigations that fall under both jurisdictions and to work together on promotional initiatives and studies on how their respective governments are meeting their language obligations.

“The Official Languages Act and the French Language Services Act apply to separate and well-defined jurisdictions, but the citizens who contact us don’t always know which services fall under the federal government and which fall under the provincial government,” said Commissioner Fraser. “Better communication between our offices will help us to react more quickly and efficiently to problems identified by the public.”

“We are taking a step forward for all Francophone communities in Ontario today,” said Commissioner Boileau. This memorandum will give Francophones more direct access to our respective services and expertise, which will allow us to better respond to their needs and concerns in terms of their language rights.”

The memorandum of understanding was signed in the Toronto offices of French-language public television channel TFO.

“Establishing strong partnerships is one way in which organizations can fully contribute to the vitality of Francophone communities,” said Glenn O’Farrell, President and CEO of TFO. “GroupeMédia TFO recognizes the value of these initiatives and is proud to participate in the development of the Francophonie in Ontario and in Canada.”

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