The French Language Services Commissioner is pleased with the implementation of his recommendation to review the definition of the Francophone population of Ontario

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Toronto, June 4, 2009 – Ontario’s French Language Services Commissioner, François Boileau, is pleased that the Ontario government will be implementing one of the recommendations that he made in his first annual report, which was made public in June 2008. In it, he recommended a review of the definition of the Francophone population of Ontario to make it more inclusive and to ensure that it reflects the diversity of this population.

“Ontario is demonstrating leadership by adopting a new definition that is more inclusive and representative of the population. The Ontarian Francophonie is a rich and diverse community that can be proud of this recognition. I am very pleased,” stated François Boileau.

According to the Commissioner, this is also an excellent opportunity for the government to more adequately plan the offer of French language services. “This is a way of recognizing Francophones who are likely to request services in French from the Ontario government, for example, exogamous families and newcomers. The government must be able to meet their needs,” Mr. Boileau added.

The Commissioner hopes that Ontario’s Francophone community will be proud to make this new definition its own.


  • In June 2008, the French Language Services Commissioner made the following recommendation in his first annual report entitled Paving the Way: “The Commissioner recommends to the Minister that she review the definition of the Francophone population of Ontario in order to ensure that it adequately reflects the new reality of this population.”
  • Created in 2007, the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner has a mandate, under the French Language Services Act, to conduct independent investigations in response to complaints or on its own initiative, and to monitor the progress made by government agencies in the delivery of French language services in Ontario.


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