Proposed regulation on health; The Commissioner Proposes the Addition of a French Language Services Coordinator

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Toronto, November 13, 2008- François Boileau, Ontario’s French Language Services Commissioner, suggests to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario, the Honourable David Caplan, to modify his proposed regulation and to include a French language services coordinator. He also asks the minister to reintroduce the concept on the French language health service planning entities in accordance to the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006. The Commissioner made this proposition in a letter sent to the Minister within the framework of the public consultation on the proposed regulation on health.

According to François Boileau, the proposed regulation contains serious gaps. It does not entirely meet the requirements stated in the French Language Services Act regarding the accountability of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). LHINs are new government agencies. They need to endow with a French language services coordinator to meet the requirements of the French Language Services Act. This coordinator would ensure follow-up of the activities of the French language health services planning entity. The coordinator should also be able to directly influence the strategic planning and other directions of the entire LHIN.


“The addition of a coordinator would end the missing link to the proposed regulation. It can be a corporation body, like the French-language health networks. We therefore ensure that LHINs assume their responsibilities by making sure of their accountability, without starting a new and without discarding the vitally important organizations.”, explained François Boileau.

“In my first annual report, I strongly insisted that it was important to take French language services into consideration right from the policy and programs design stage. This proposed regulation is such an excellent opportunity for the LHINs to put their right foot forward.”, added the Commissioner.


  • The Office of the French Language Services Commissioner has received close to eighty complaints up to this point on the proposed regulation. A special report on health will be tabled before the end of this fiscal year.
  • The Office of the French Language Services Commissioner has a mandate under the French Language Services Act to conduct independent investigations, either in response to complaints or on its own initiative, to prepare reports on its investigations, and to monitor the progress made by government agencies in delivering French-language services in Ontario.


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