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François Boileau will be guest speaker in Ontario schools in 2009

Ottawa, October 3, 2008- François Boileau, Ontario’s French Language Services Commissioner, is delighted that PASSAGE has expanded its mandate to the province and is happy to endorse this initiative. In fact, the initiative is a perfect fit with the Commissioner’s plan to meet young Francophone people in the schools setting throughout 2009.

Commissioner Boileau considers that it is vitally important to encourage the use of the French language in young people’s studies. Indeed, at this stage of life, the use of the language is a deciding factor in preparing for entry in the labour market. The program PASSAGE motivates young Francophones to pursue their studies in French and, in so doing, allows them to pursue career choices in their language, according to the Commissioner.


“ I intend to share my experience as a Francophone since I entered the labour market. As guest speaker for PASSAGE, not only do I want to share the personal road I have travelled throughout Canada’s Francophone communities, but also to impress upon them the pride I feel in being francophone. In this way, I hope to contribute to a stronger sense of identity for Ontario’s young Francophones.” , has said François Boileau.


  • François Boileau is the first Commissioner of the French Language Services of Ontario. He has been in this position for one year.
  • The Office of the French Language Services Commissioner has a mandate under the French Language Services Act to conduct independent investigations, either in response to complaints or on its own initiative, to prepare reports on its investigations, and to monitor the progress made by government agencies in delivering French-language services in Ontario.


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