Behind the Scenes of Access to Justice in French

On August 2, 2012, I posted a blog to inform you that the French Language Services Bench and Bar Advisory Committee had officially released its report on Access to justice in French in Ontario. I emphasized the importance of this report as it suggests concrete, concerted measures to address the shortage of bilingual judges in Ontario. It also offers ways of making every federally or provincially appointed member of Ontario’s judiciary more knowledgeable about language rights.

The next day, I posted a second blog and a news release on this report. I later brought up the issue in more detail on September 12 and 13, 2012. I pointed out that the Attorney General established the Committee following a recommendation I made in my 2008-2009 Annual Report.

This leads us to the joint media release the Ministry of the Attorney General and I sent out yesterday to announce the establishment of a steering committee that will review and develop an implementation plan that responds to recommendations outlined in the report Access to justice in French.

I am pleased with the commitment of the Honourable John Gerrestsen, Attorney General of Ontario, which he expressed at a meeting we had on October 16, 2012. This joint news release ― a first as far as I’m concerned ― shows without doubt how seriously he considers the report Access to justice in French, its conclusions and recommendations. This must be reassuring for Ontario justiciable Francophones.

This news release also unequivocally reminds the Ministry of the Attorney General’s public servants of how much of a priority the report Access to justice in French really is. The Attorney General and I also agreed to meet again next year to discuss progress.

Today, I commit to release a series of eight blog posts (minimum) ― one per week ― to go over each one of the report’s 17 recommendations. To be continued next week!

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