Joint News Release with the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario

Report on Access to Justice in French

The Ministry of the Attorney General and my Office just sent out a joint news release to inform the population that the government is establishing a steering committee on access to justice in French. This committee will be composed of representatives from the justice sector and other organizations and will review and develop an implementation plan that responds to the recommendations outlined in the French Language Services Bench and Bar Committee’s report ― Access to justice in French.

Access to justice in French was released on August 2, 2012 and describes the steps needed to ensure that French speakers have effective access to justice in French while making the most efficient use of existing resources. Attorney General John Gerretsen and Minister Madeleine Meilleur say more about the government’s commitment in the news release.

I wish to thank the Attorney General for his leadership in continuing to ensure access to justice in French in Ontario, as it is a fundamental right. I am pleased that the Bench and Bar Advisory Committee’s recommendations have been heard and that the needs of Francophone citizens are being put amongst the Ministry of the Attorney General’s top priorities. This is indeed such an important issue for Francophone citizens of Ontario that I will discuss it further on my blog tomorrow.

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