Proud to Hear From You for a Third Mandate

The Government of Ontario has announced today that it is extending my appointment of French Language Services Commissioner for another five years, starting September 2012. This will be my third and last mandate in the service of Ontario’s population.

I am thankful for the renewed trust the government has placed in me and all of my team members. This is a great honour for me. Ontario citizens can be assured that I am delighted to remain committed to ensuring compliance with the letter and intent of the French Language Services Act.

I take this opportunity to highlight the contribution of all individuals, complainants, public servants and organizations that contacted us and worked with us since 2007. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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  1. Francine Groulx

    Félicitations cher François, heureuse de vous savoir à la barre du Commissariat pour un 3e mandat. Votre acharnement, votre persévérance et votre doigté sont d’une valeur incommensurable pour la cause franco-ontarienne.

    Bravo et merci!

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