Access to justice in both official languages

As French Language Commissioner, I have a keen interest in questions regarding access to justice in French in Ontario.

Indeed, it’s one of the many important topics that are featured in my annual report that will be published on Wednesday, June 6.

My federal counterpart, Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser, is also very much interested in this topic. And thus, Commissioner Fraser announced today that he will be conducting a study that will hopefully lead to improvements in access to justice in both official languages. Specifically, this study will focus on the bilingual capacity of superior courts across Canada.

And it is my pleasure to let you know that my own office will be participating in this study that will consider this issue in six provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

I invite you to read the news release that was issued this morning by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages regarding this study.

The timing of this study couldn’t be better, coming on the heels of the soon-to-be published Bar and Bench Committee report (the Rouleau LeVay report) on the topic of the appointment of bilingual judges. This committee was formed following a recommendation that I presented to the Government of Ontario in my 2008-2009 Annual Report.

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