French-language services coordinators

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with the French-language services coordinators of each ministry. They play an essential role in the effective and efficient application of the French Language Services Act. Indeed, this reality led me to include them as a key recommendation in my very first annual report. They have also been the subject of many discussions since.

Theirs is an often ungrateful role, misunderstood by the general public while they work outside of the spotlight. But theirs is also a most important role. Their work is challenging as they provide counsel on the respect and application of the Act through the development of various programs, policies and practices to support the delivery of useful services for Ontario’s francophone population.

Insufficient in number, and given that they cannot be everywhere at the same time, they must appeal to their colleagues with utmost diplomacy, being often stuck between a rock and a hard place. But, I can attest that these coordinators have their hearts in the right place!

And this is why I wish to, once again, reiterate my support for the important work that they do for the benefit of Ontario’s Public Service and for Francophones in this province.

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