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Last week, I wrote a letter to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to let them know that, in my opinion, French-language community radio is an important tool for the development of the Francophone community as a vehicle of local culture and a means of showcasing new and emerging talent.

Community radio has the power to make what is seemingly invisible, visible. In other words it allows Francophone communities to exist publicly. This idea was discussed in our Study of Ontario’s French-Language Community Radio Stations: Key components of the vitality of francophone communities, published last April.

Since it began broadcasting in 2006, CHOQ-FM has had difficulty in fully reaching its audience using the 105.1 FM frequency. Indeed, many Francophones and francophiles live and work outside of downtown Toronto and cannot tune in to their French-language community radio station. If CHOQ-FM were awarded the 88.1 FM frequency, this would allow it to increase its broadcasting area.

This is why I’ve recommended to the CRTC that they grant CHOQ-FM’s request to move to 88.1 FM.

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