A tribute to Caroll Jacques

Photo : Carol Jacques  Today on my blog, I would like to pay tribute to Caroll Jacques, the former president of the Kirkland Lake ACFO who passed away last month. And I would like to quote from an email I received on Friday, regarding this unfortunate event:


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you regarding the passing of Mr. Caroll Jacques, who worked for l’ACFO for almost 35 years. Working for minorities in Canada is not an easy task and I would like to highlight the relentless determination and passion Mr. Jacques brought to this role.

Now, we must continue along this path, and with conviction, request services in French in Ontario to ensure that this country continues to improve.

That’s what Caroll and his family would hope from you.

Jimmy Allen

Over the past few weeks, there have been tributes highlighting the contributions made by Caroll Jacques, including a statement by the president of l’AFO, Denis Vaillancourt and several media reports regarding Mr. Jacques’ passing.

Allow me to add my voice to these tributes and insist on the exceptional devotion of a man who knew how to rally people to a great cause; a man who left us much too soon.

And to the family and friends of Caroll Jacques, please accept my sincerest of sympathies.

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