New President at La Cité

I’m very happy to know that La Cité collégiale in Ottawa will be in good hands in March 2010. Lise Bourgeois  (French only) will replace Andrée Lortie who is retiring after 20 brillant years at the head of this great institution. It’s quite something! I’m eager to meet with Ms. Bourgeois and pursue  the good relation between our offices.  Franco-Ontarian, Ms. Bourgeois comes from the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est where she taught for 19 years before becoming the Director of education.  An interesting path.

Speaking of Ottawa, a brief word about the funerals of the ex-Senator Gauthier, an event that I attended. To see all these people and dignitaries fulling the church reminded me the great man he was. Nobody can replace this monument.


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