Bothering Systemic Problems

My recent meeting with the linguists network did not leave me indifferent. In fact, it let me really concerned about certain systemic problems identified inside the government.

The work of these people is extraordinary essential in the delivery of French-language services. It’s them, the translators, coordinators and interpreters, who make possible the communication with Francophones. Again, according to my understanding, it’s in the planning and the integration of services that it’s breaking down. One of the recurrent examples is ministries that send last minute to translation very important documents prepared for the general public, and worst, sometimes they just forget to do it. Result; Francophones risks receiving late and bad quality information compared to the original documents. This situation and this impunity concern me, obviously.

This is not entirely new to me and I will continue to press on officials for the need to plan ahead. So I took good notes of these circumstances and challenges of linguists in the Ontario Public Service.  


  1. Le Canard Réincarné

    Il semble que nous sommes toujours en retard sur la majorité dans à peu près tout, souvent une raison pour laquelle les jeunes, entrepreneurs et autres éléments dynamiques passent de l’aut bord.

    Je ne crois pas que le problème en soit un de “planification”. Ou p-e y-a-t’il beaucoup trop de “planification” institutionnelle? Et pas suffisamment d’exécution.

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