New data Available…

… about the Francophones in Ontario since the adoption of the new definition of the Francophone population on June 4, 2009. These are the first concret results following my recommendation I made last year. This exercice proofs the relevance and the real need to reflect all of the Franco-Ontarian diversity. I am genuinely happy that the province took heart of today’s Franco-Ontarian community and standardized its data for all ministries.

The next step would be, I suppose, for these ministries and other government agencies to better target the needs of the Francophones and adapt services to this specific clientele accordingly, in light of the numbers and date provided today.  Other profiles (such as for youths, women, seniors and visible minorities) will be made available within the year.

I invite you to visit this website It is very well done and give access to other links where one can find interesting details on all regions of the province.


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