It is ready!

The Ontario Government has launched the new license plate in French. We can now combine both the image of the official Franco-Ontarian emblem (the flag) and the French slogan “TANT À DÉCOUVRIR” on a standard plate.

This new French-language license plate is a perfect and concrete example of the impact of filing a complaint, and demonstrates that it can really change things. It is so encouraging to see a complaint finally materialized and it will certainly reinforce the pride and the identity of Francophones who will display their license plate on their vehicle.

In addition, it is another symbolic recognition from the government of its Francophone community, which adds to last week’s announcement of a new definition of the Francophone population


  1. Jacqueline

    C’est super! Sauf que… j’ai déjà maplaque décorée du drapeau franco-ontarien… il faudra que j’attende maintenant un peu pour la faire remplacer avec une qui dit “Tant à découvrir”!

    “Notre place, aujourd’hui pour demain!”

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